• How to navigate through turbulent times?

    Are you interested in creating sustainable growth?

    Envisioning a workplace where both people and business thrive?


  • Personal Development & Business Coaching

    Taking you from where you are to where you want to be

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    Leadership Development

    Are you stepping into your first leadership role or want to enhance your leadership skills? Or would you like to try out the support of AI Coach for more clarity, goal attainment and wellbeing? Be sure not to miss out on the latest developments in this field!

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    Business Coaching

    As a business owner or manager you may long for someone to talk to in difficult situations. Be it people or business issues, a coach can be a trusted partner in the process and help you discover new perspectives and implementable solutions for example in marketing and HR.

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    Career Transition Coaching

    Life happens. Sometimes we feel stuck professinally or face unexpected life events. Career transition coaching helps you make a successful move either within the organisation or transition to a new career based on your strengths and ambition.

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    Hello, nice to meet you!

    I am Heli Sirkiä, a personal development and business coach. I help people and companies achieve their desired goals and improve performance in a sustainable way.
    My approach to coaching is holistic and focuses on the potential and agency of individuals. I have a vested interested in:

    • values driven leadership
    • competencies and wellbeing at work
    • change management
    • new business opportunities
    • self-leadership
    • empathy as a leadership skill
    • AI and chatbots in coaching

    I have BBA and MBA degrees from Aalto University and have studied also in Uni Mannheim, Germany and St. Gallen, Switzerland. I am a Certified Business Coach and strong believer in life-long learning. I have also served as mentor and judge for various startup competitions.


    How to enhance psychological safety, and align corporate goals with individuals' sense of purpose are questions that intrigue me. If we share the same interests, please feel free to click and connect!

  • Testimonials

    Heli played a crucial part in my journey of the last 3 months, she opened my eys in terms of personal branding, inspired me to turn my work life upside down to start establishing my own company. Going out to change the world - why not. Boundaries to my future, I don't see them anymore, kiitos/thanks und Danke Heli.

    - Verena Rentrop, Chocolate Angel Oy



    Professional coaching at the time when I stepped into a new role and was in a challenging position forming a completely new team, helped me to build the team in a way that has paid off as trust, and as effective teamwork with aligned goals. Heli helped me to grow as an empowering leader, and as a result I was able to get the team to work towards targeted business results faster. After 5 months our team has received lots of positive feedback from different departments inside the company - the common goals, motivation and positivity is showing also to others!


    - Marika, Tender Team Leader

    Heli and her ElämänTimantti, personal branding and life management tool, has helped me to create a brand, set personal goals and find venues to focus on to reach those goals. I had the chance to participate in the ElämänTimantti-pilot - I'm glad I took it.

    - Niko Mäkelä, Art Manager at Housemarque

    Heli is a very helpful business coach especially for new entrepreneurs. Her in-depth knowledge and experience in the aspects of marketing, promotion and branding helped me in my own discovery on how to launch and promote my online services. She made me think deeply about how I want to be known and recognised by my potential clients, and the look and feel of my website. Heli also gave very practical tips and advice on how to build up a brand. It is obvious from her dedication that she wants her clients to thrive and achieve their goals.


    - Pirjo Kemppainen, Lawyer, Master Herder Coach, Dragon’s Way QiGong Instructor, Medical Qigong Practitioner


    It's time to put the Human part back to Human Resources

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    How happy are your employees and clients?

    Companies who have established a strong connection between their purpose, core values and day to day operations tend to be successful in the long run.

    Sustainable Leadership goes beyond traditional satisfaction metrics, it means building a human-centric culture for both short and long term.

    Let's explore together what this could mean to your business, and how we can find solutions to your most pressing challenges. To support your leadership and business challenges I offer:

    • keynotes & workshops
    • 1:1 coaching
    • consulting projects

    If inspired, please request a free video call to discuss your specific situation in more detail. 



    Getting clarity and creating the future you desire

    One time session or a longer coaching process?

    If you are new to business coaching, a strategy session is a great way to get a feel of the benefits of coaching. We go through your current situation and desires in strictest confidentiality, set goals and create a powerful plan forward. For personal and skill development, a longer coaching is recommended. Learning and behavioral change takes time.

    Possible areas to cover:

    • What is the situation and issue
    • The importance of the issue/problem
    • What else has been tried before
    • Desired outcome and time frame
    • Strategy how to get there
    • Criteria for evaluation for you and business

    The actual coaching is a longer prosess. Business coaching has a strong bias for action. Thought provoking questions and dialogue help gaining new insights to try out in real life. Coaching process may have a duration of 3-6 months with 5-6 biweekly or once a month meetings. Depending on your situation or goals, we can focus for example on leadership skills, career development, resilience or building employee engagement. 

    You are responsible for bringing in the issue and setting goals, I will guide the process. Together we explore possible options, and create a plan forward for sustainable change.



    Strategy session (2,5 hrs)

    This is a great way to start. We go through your situation, set goals and create a powerful plan forward.

    Personal coaching (5-6 x 60 min)

    Depending on your situation, we can have weekly or bi-weekly 1:1 video coaching sessions 60 minutes each. You will have custom assignments that support your personal and professional growth.

    One time session (60 min)

    In case you have a burning question or need a sounding board, you can also book one time or follow up sessions with clear action points or continue customized coaching as agreed.

    The real power is in the human experience. Let's explore together what this means to you, your team and your business, and how can we make an impact and create a more sustainable business and life.

  • Keynotes & Workshops

    Challenge the status quo. Always.


    Keynotes and workshops are an excellent way to evoke new ideas for change. Add some new spice to your team meetings and leadership development events! Educate and inspire! Heli's fast-paced, information packed and highly interactive presentations will stretch your mind and spark conversations.

    Investing in Human Capital and Sustainable Growth

    What if we would treat human competencies and wellbeing as an asset? How would we go about managing and developing our precious investment so that we can keep creating value? Is it employee's responsibility or employer's - or perhaps a shared interest? Companies need to consider how business and personal goals are aligned so that all can prosper. Where is your company today and where do you envision yourself in 2030?

    Empathy as a Leadership Skill

    Empathy is often understood as a synonym for being kind. But it is more than that. It is the ability to emotionally understand other people's situation, how they feel and see things from their perspective. According to latest research, empathy is also an important leadership skill that can impact the bottom line.

    Self-Leadership, Influence & Impact

    Let's explore together what these terms mean, and why they are so important for leaders and managers. Inspiring leaders community a clear vision, and they also act as teachers and role models. How you show up at work matters more than you may know.

    Personal Branding vs. Personal Development

    What does personal branding mean and who benefits from it? The benefits of personal branding go far beyond self promotion. It is in essence personal development - defining your core strengths and values, increasing self-awareness and setting professional intentions, so that you can grow and contribute to the world based on your true, natural gifts.

    Company Workshops and Retreats

    Live and virtual workshops are always customized and they can be combined with keynotes and coaching.

  • Blog

    While the English language blog is still 'work in progress' here are some of my thoughts about personal branding and social selling in Finnish.

    July 26, 2023 · coaching,business coaching,executive coaching,uravalmennus,hyvinvointi
    Coaching tai valmennus on tuttu termi, jota käytetään monissa eri yhteyksissä: urheilussa, liike...
    February 21, 2023 · coaching,empatia,esihenkilövalmennus
    Esihenkilön uusilla taidoilla tarkoitetaan yleensä taitoja ja ominaisuuksia, jotka ovat tärkeitä...
    December 4, 2017 · asiantuntijabrändi,yritysbrändi,työnantajakuva,sosiaalinen media
    Kuinka voi markkinoida asiantuntijuutta ilman identiteettiä? No ei tietenkään mitenkään. ...
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