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    If you are like me, you probably have a strong sense to use your skills and business for the benefit of others. When you have clarity of your purpose and how your product or service serves in solving a problem, then both your personality and what you stand for are in alignment.

    I offer branding and content marketing services for committed, growth-minded startups and professionals. For the bravehearted who want to make things happen and create value beyond profit. Interested in finding more? Let's connect and start the conversation.

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    About Heli

    As a values-driven personal branding and business coach Heli Sirkiä helps professionals and companies make their expertise visible and build their reputation in an authentic way so that they can add muscle to their marketing - to achieve the growth they dream of.

    Instead of surface level branding, she gets to the core of the personal values so that you can live your truth and build your brand based on it. For companies this means sustainability, for people it means authenticity.

    Since her youth, she has been the creative one interested in music and storytelling. In the United States, she learned the growth mindset: to take risks, try things out and not think so much what other people think. She enjoys lively discussions and even debates. By sharing ideas and viewpoints, we learn and develop.

    She has studied in Mannheim and St. Gallen, the best ranking business schools in German-speaking Europe. She holds international BBA and MBA degrees from the Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration (Aalto University) and has been a judge and mentor for startups. Always evolving, she is passionate about the aspects of freedom; not only personal freedom, but what it means for companies and customer experience.

    She has been interviewed as an image and personal branding specialist on Finnish national channel YLE TV1, Radio 1, YLE news, Iltalehti, Kauppalehti, Kauneus ja Terveys (Health and Beauty) and PODIUM magazine.

    Heli resides in Helsinki and works with clients globally via internet. She enjoys music and arts, and nature.

    Let you skills and personality shine.

    For more info:
    +358 503362529

  • Testimonials

    Heli played a crucial part in my journey of the last 3 months, she opened my eys in terms of personal branding, inspired me to turn my work life upside down to start establishing my own company. Going out to change the world - why not. Boundaries to my future, I don't see them anymore, kiitos/thanks und Danke Heli.

    - Verena Rentrop, Chocolate Angel Oy


    Heli and her ElämänTimantti, personal branding and life management-tool, has helped me to create a brand, set personal goals and find venues to focus on to reach those goals. I had the chance to participate in the ElämänTimantti-pilot - I'm glad I took it.

    - Niko Mäkelä, Art Manager at Housemarque

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  • Here's what to expect from the VIP Coaching Program

    Personal Branding is as individual as your fingerprint. So is the coaching.

    Diamond​ ​of​ ​Life VIP Program​​ ​is a holistic 3 month program where you develop your brand’s identity and clarify your future intentions for the purpose of creating your professional brand and becoming a better known expert in your field. We will uncover your authentic voice for multi-channel communication and prepare you to become more visible to the public both online and in other media.

    You will receive a pre-assignment before the program and we will work it from there forward. You will have a weekly 1:1 Skype coaching sessions with me. You will also have custom assignments that support your personal and professional growth. We will be covering for example following topics:

    • How to become the influencer in your industry
    • Managing diversity in teams
    • Looking for a job or starting your own business
    • Your name, domain and IPR strategy
    • Creating your homepage and content
    • Values, professional identity and style
    • Taking photos that reflect your values
    • LinkedIn as a marketing platform
    • Self-leadership and leading change

    After the program you will have a much clearer picture of your values, goals and professional identity and how they can be aligned with those of your employer. You have also created 1-2 buyer personas for strong marketing, have your bio or story in written (video CV if you wish) AND personal pictures for LinkedIn and new homepage use. I am quite certain, that you have also made huge progress in getting closer to your goals.

    Now is the perfect time to take charge of your life, think BIG and dare to make the leap you have so long been dreaming about. RSVP for your future success today and let's get going!

    If you have a burning question or need to just bounce ideas and different alternatives, no worry, that can be arranged too. For that purpose, you can book a 60 min consultation via Skype or phone. The consultation includes a personal brand test and feedback based on the results and online image.

    If you have any suggestions for topics that should be covered, please let me know. I am more than happy to hear your wishes and answer any questions you may have.

    If you are interested in taking your career to the next level and ready to stand out, drop me a line. Tell me a bit about yourself, your situation and expectations and we can book a conversation. Let's see how I can help you move forward in creating your brand for business and life.

  • How can I help you?

    If you have any questions about my work or the services I offer, or you would you like to book me for speaking, please contact me by mail or by phone.

    If you would like a FREE Assessment for your strategy, content marketing or personal branding . Please fill out the form below and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

    Helsinki, Finland.
    +358 50 3362529
  • Blog

    While the English language blog is still 'work in progress' here are some of my thoughts about personal branding and social selling in Finnish.

    December 4, 2017 · asiantuntijabrändi,yritysbrändi,työnantajakuva,sosiaalinen media
    Kuinka voi markkinoida asiantuntijuutta ilman identiteettiä? No ei tietenkään mitenkään. ...
    November 28, 2017 · henkilöbrändäys,asiantuntijabrändi,imago,työnantajakuva,sosiaalinen media
    Kun olet kirkastanut päämääräsi ja osaamisesi, on aika tehdä suunnitelma, miten parhaiten viestit...
    November 20, 2017 · henkilöbrändäys,asiantuntijabrändi,imago,hyvinvointi,uravalmennus
    Henkilöbrändäys on prosessi, joka lähtee aina sisältä ulospäin. Se vaatii rohkeaa itsensä ja...
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  • Speaking & Workshops

    Challenge the status quo. Always.

    Key notes and workshops are an excellent way to evoke new ideas. They bring insights and inspiration to your team meetings and customer events. How about exploring the many facets of Personal Branding and enjoying the benefits and joy of those a-aha moments? A 90-minute fast paced, information packed keynote will generate discussion and most likely also action. Here are some theme suggestions:

    How to Align Corporate Brand and Personal Brand

    In the future companies and employees need to consider, how corporate and personal brands can be aligned so that employees have a personal life and companies' brand value is protected. In this highly interactive and exploratory presentation, we actively seek new solutions.

    Personal Branding - Leadership and Life Design

    The benefits of Personal Branding go beyond self promotion or job search. It is a modern leadership skill that enables intentional and holistic design of good life both in business and in personal life. In this informational and entertaining presentation I go through thought-provoking examples and give audience specific ideas for solutions.

    Women, Career and Impression Management

    Media and Branding can be a double-edged sword for women. In career management women have more issues to consider than their male counterparts. This presentation focuses on the tools that impression management offers. It can help detect and manage unexpected pitfalls and opportunities in communication and career management.

    Workshops are always customized to specific needs. For more information or a customized offer, please contact heli [a] helisirkia.com or + 358 50 3362529.

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