• How to navigate through turbulent times?

    Are you interested in creating sustainable growth?
    Envisioning a workplace where both people and business thrive?


  • Are you interested in....

    • Increasing employee engagement and well-being 
    • Adding value to customers and important stakeholders
    • Purpose-driven leadership and human capital
    • Improving interpersonal communication and use of digital channels
    • Creating a culture of innovation, trust and openness.

    I offer coaching and workshops for committed, growth-minded professionals and organizations who are interested in creating a sustainable future.

    If interested, please get in touch to learn more.

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    Hello, nice to meet you!

    I am Heli Sirkiä, a personal development and business coach. I help people and companies improve performance in a sustainable way.
    In coaching I start from values and strengths of people, and help them reach their goals. In consulting I have a vested interest in purpose-driven companies, and how to build sustainable growth and well-being through:

    • purpose and human capital approach
    • performance evaluation and rewarding in distant work 
    • customized well-being strategy  
    • empathy as a leadership skill

    I have BBA and MBA degrees from Aalto University and have studied also in Uni Mannheim, Germany and St. Gallen, Switzerland. I’m a strong believer in life-long learning and currently studying adult education at the University of Helsinki. In addition, have acted as mentor and judge for various startup competitions.

    I am also a founding member of My Data Global Organization and member of The Finnish Society for Research on Adult Education.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    All the best,

  • Testimonials

    Heli played a crucial part in my journey of the last 3 months, she opened my eys in terms of personal branding, inspired me to turn my work life upside down to start establishing my own company. Going out to change the world - why not. Boundaries to my future, I don't see them anymore, kiitos/thanks und Danke Heli.

    - Verena Rentrop, Chocolate Angel Oy


    Heli and her ElämänTimantti, personal branding and life management-tool, has helped me to create a brand, set personal goals and find venues to focus on to reach those goals. I had the chance to participate in the ElämänTimantti-pilot - I'm glad I took it.

    - Niko Mäkelä, Art Manager at Housemarque


    It is time to put the Human part back to Human Resources

    How happy are your employees and clients? Do they have a strong connection with you and how you make their lives better?

    Companies who have established a strong connection between their purpose, core values and day to day operations tend to be successful in the long run.

    Sustainable Leadership goes beyond traditional satisfaction metrics, it means building a sustainable culture for both short and long term.

    Let's explore together what this could mean to your business, and how we can find solutions to your most pressing challenges.

    If inspired, please request a free video call to discuss your specific situation in more detail.


    Getting clarity and creating the future you desire

    We all can be the creative narrators of our life. Instead of waiting for things to happen, we can take an active role and enact the change we desire. Who would you rather have write your future narrative - you or someone else? Together we will find the courage to stand up and align your truth with intentions when navigating towards the unknown. Step by step, word by word, action by action.

    One time strategy session (2,5 hours)
    We go through your situation, set goals and create a powerful plan forward.

    Coaching package (6 x 90 min sessions)
    Depending on your situation, we can have weekly or bi-weekly 1:1 video coaching sessions 90 minutes each. You will have custom assignments that support your personal and professional growth.

    Follow-up session (30 min)

    In case you have a burning question or need a sounding board, you can also book one time follow -up sessions with clear action points or continue customized coaching as agreed.

    If you are serious about taking your career and business to the next level, drop me a line. Tell me a bit about yourself, your situation and expectations and we can book a conversation to see how I can help you move forward in creating your authentic brand for business and life.

  • Speaking & Workshops

    Challenge the status quo. Always.

    Keynotes and workshops are an excellent way to evoke new ideas. They bring insights and inspiration to your team meetings and customer events. A 45 minute fast-paced, information packed presentation will generate discussion and most likely also action. Here are some theme suggestions:

    How To Maximize Human Capital and Sustainable Growth

    In the future companies need to consider, how corporate, personal and community well-being is aligned long-term so that all can prosper. The presentation introduces concepts of Sustainable Reward Systems and Personal Development program with practical examples. It can be complimented with a 6 month company specific leadership development program.

    Women, Career and Impression Management

    Media and branding can be a double-edged sword for women. In career management women have more issues to consider than their male counterparts. This presentation focuses on the tools that impression management offers. It can help detect and manage unexpected pitfalls and opportunities in communication and career management.

    Personal Development - Sustainable Leadership and Life Design

    The benefits of personal branding go beyond self promotion or job search. How I see it, it is in essence personal development - defining your core strengths and setting professional intentions, so that you can grown and contribute to the world based on your true, natural gifts.


    Workshops are always customized for each client. For more information or a customized offer, please contact me at heli [a] helisirkia.com or + 358 50 3362529.

  • Blog

    While the English language blog is still 'work in progress' here are some of my thoughts about personal branding and social selling in Finnish.

    December 4, 2017 · asiantuntijabrändi,yritysbrändi,työnantajakuva,sosiaalinen media
    Kuinka voi markkinoida asiantuntijuutta ilman identiteettiä? No ei tietenkään mitenkään. ...
    November 28, 2017 · henkilöbrändäys,asiantuntijabrändi,imago,työnantajakuva,sosiaalinen media
    Kun olet kirkastanut päämääräsi ja osaamisesi, on aika tehdä suunnitelma, miten parhaiten viestit...
    November 20, 2017 · henkilöbrändäys,asiantuntijabrändi,imago,hyvinvointi,uravalmennus
    Henkilöbrändäys on prosessi, joka lähtee aina sisältä ulospäin. Se vaatii rohkeaa itsensä ja...
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